Direction-Based Notation for Hive

A Simple Symmetrical Notation System for the Hive Board Game

The sequence of play in these two games is identical. They produce identical notation.

Notation Examples


Players and Turns



When directions are assigned clockwise (top chart), the sun moves as observed in the Northern hemisphere. When counterclockwise (bottom chart), the directions correspond to the Southern hemisphere.
First player opened with Ladybug, and when the second player placed the Pillbug, she established the noon and midnight directions. The Queen Bee was the first to be placed in a different direction. This established the remaining directions so that the new space would be in afternoon/sunset direction from other pieces.


Moved Piece

Piece Notation


The left chart illustrates the general order of counting. The right example shows how the three Soldier Ants would be numbered in this position.

Direct Destination

Referenced Destination

Selecting a Reference

Special Moves

Canonical Notation

Example Games

Game 1

1st Player: Frank Chen
2nd Player: Joe Schultz
Date: September 8, 2019
Tournament: 2019 Online World Championship
1. L P
2. M+Lm A+Pn
3. Q+Ls Q+Pa
4. P+Qa
The position after first player’s fourth turn.
 4.         AxMm
5. A+Pa A+Qa
6. AxA1a M+Qf
7. B+Lr A+Mr
Shaded pieces indicate transition moves that occurred within the numbered sequence.
 8. Ba      MQs
9. Qs A2xQs
10. Bn B+A2m
11. A+Lr    Bf
12. A2xQn Bn
13. Ba G*Qm
14. A+Lr    Gn
15. A1xA2m S+Pf
16. A2xA3m S+A2a
17. S+A2r B+S2n
18. A1xB1a  Gm
19. A2xA1a L+S2m
20. A2xQn   G+S1n
21. G+A3m LxQf
22. xMr
Numbers above 20 in the diagram omit the first digit: ① means 21; ② means 22.
22.         B2n
23. LxQf Pr
24. A1xB2a G1m
25. LxPr    S1s
26. Bm G1s
27. Bs xLPs
28. MxQf    MxQa

Second Example

1st Player: Povilas Simonis
2nd Player: Christian Galeas
Date: May 12, 2019
Tournament: 2019 Online World Championship
1. L L
2. A+Lm M+Ln
3. M+As Q+Mr
4. Q+Lr A+Ms
5. MxQr AxAs
6. B+Mf P+Qn
7. Bs A+Pa
8. P+Qr A+Ms
9. A+Pf A2xA1f
10. Ba Mr
11. B+Qf B+Qa
12. Mn Bm
13. S+Mf S+Pn
14. SxQr xMQa
15. Bn Bn
16. A+Pr A1xA3m
17. G+Qm SxBf
18. Ba B+Pa
19. Bn B1r
20. QPm A3f
21. G+Pn LB2a
22. G+Lr B2r
23. G3n B2m
24. G1a B2s
25. S+Qa Mr
26. G3f Mm
27. Bf

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